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In most mining operations the insitu ore is separated from the waste rock and is subjected to a series of breakage and separation processes to convert it into a valuable product. Blasting is the first step in that breakage and separation and impacts entire mine to mill process chain. Still in most operations, blasting is viewed as a sub-process of mining and blasts are often sub optimally designed to satisfy the needs of mining operations (such as load and haul), geotechnical and safety risks rather than enhancing the value all downstream processes.

Over the past twenty five years, Dr Kanchibotla has demonstrated the critical role of blast outcomes on mine-to-mill process optimisation. He has developed several advanced blasting techniques and applied them at many large mining operations around the world to improve throughput and profitability.

This workshop explains the fundamentals of explosive properties, rock mass properties and interaction between the during blasting process. It also discusses the importance of blast outcomes in enhancing a mining operation value without increasing the risk. Designing and implementation advanced blasting techniques will be discussed in an interactive manner using practical problem solving exercises. The workshop discusses the following topics:

  • Explosives and Delivery Systems.
  • Influence of Geology and Rock Mass Characteristics on Blast Outcomes.
  • Explosive rock interaction during blasting.
  • Key blasting outcomes and their impact on downstream processes efficiency.
  • Models and tools to predict blast fragmentation, ore loss, dilution and damage.
  • Measurement of blast outcomes.

This workshop is designed to explain the principles and practical application of Advanced Blasting strategies with an objective to improve the overall Mine to Mill Process efficiency. This workshop is aimed for drill and blast engineers, mine superintendents, ore control geologists, geo technical engineers, metallurgists, mine managers, concentrator managers, general managers, asset optimization managers and business improvement managers - personnel responsible to improve the overall productivity of operations.



  • Outline of course / Introductions / Expectations.
  • Session 1 : Introduction to Advanced Blasting Techniques for Mine to Mill Optimisation.
  • Session 2 : Explosives and Delivery systems.
  • Session 3 : Influence of Rock Mass Charactertistics on Blast Outcomes.
  • Session 4 : Explosive Rock Interaction During Blasting.
  • Practical Problem Solving .
  • Session 5 : Blast Fragmentation Optimisation.
  • Session 6 : Ore Loss and Dilution Control.
  • Session 7 : Blast Damage Control.
  • Session 8 : Ground vibrations and air blast / noise Control.
  • Session 9 : Blast Fumes Control.
  • Practical Problem Solving.
  • Feed back .



  • 3 tertiary degrees (including Ph.D) in Mining Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. Over 35 years of professional experience.
  • 9 years with the University of Queensland and JKTech Pty Ltd as Professor and Manger of mining research and consulting.
  • 3 years with Metso as General Manger, strategic projects and business development.
  • 2 years with Thiess Pty Ltd as Technical Manager, managing the continuous improvement process in drilling and blasting solutions.
  • 6 years with Dyno Nobel. Managing the DynoConsult for East Coast Australia and Indonesia to implement innovative blast optimisation solutions at key customer sites.
  • 8 years with Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre. Managing and implementing applied blasting research at various mine sites all around the world.
  • 10 years with IDL Chemicals Ltd, India. Managed product development, evaluation, technical and blasting services.


  • Pioneered in the development and promotion of mine to mill optimisation concept at several global mining companies in Australia, Canada, Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Peru, Papua New Guinea and USA that resulted in significant improvements in mill throughput.
  • Developed tools and techniques to minimise ore loss & dilution and improve fragmentation to maximise downstream process efficiency.
  • Developed new blast design methodologies to minimise blast induce damage and ground vibrations.
  • Developed Mine to Mill Optimisation Workshop and delivered at several international venues including annual Society of Mining Engineering (SME) conferences.
  • Lead several research projects to better understand rock blasting mechanisms and developed tools to predict fragmentation, throw and ground vibrations.
  • Implemented projects at several coalmines in Australia that resulted in significant improvement in overburden casting and reduction in coal losses.
  • Developed tools and systems to analyse the quality of field implementation and its impact on final outcomes.
  • Involved in the development of Drill and Blast Guidelines for BHP Billiton and Thiess Mining Operations. Established a community of practice for drill and blast practitioners in Thiess to share the knowledge and to implement the best practices.



FEBRUARY 25 - 26, 2021


4:00PM to 10:00PM



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