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Instruct, orient and train those who are involved in plants start-up to guarantee a safety and continuous operation, with social responsibility through the time.



Main Phases of a Project.

  • PFS, FS, ID phase.
  • Construction phase.
  • Pre-commissioning phase.
  • Commissioning phase.
  • Continuous operation.
  • Investment vs. time on each phase of the project.

Main Definitions.

  • What is a plant start-up?.
  • Importance of plant start-up.
  • Ramp Up: Curves by Manutti.
  • Walkdown: Blue Tag, Green Tag.
  • CTOP. (Construction Turn Over Package).
  • TCCC. (Transfer, Care, Custody & Control).
  • Definitions of systems and subsystems.
  • P&ID, PFD drawings.
  • Single line diagrams.
  • Red-line drawings.
  • As-built drawings.
  • Training.
  • Spare parts.
  • Risk Assessments: HAZOP.

General Context on Plants Start-Up.

  • Planning.
  • Mechanical Completion.
  • P&ID Checking.
  • Pre-commissioning.
  • Commissioning : cold comm & hot comm.
  • Start-Up – Ramp-Up.
  • Performance Testing.
  • Post-Commisioning.

Management Documentation in Commissioning.

  • Time Schedule.
  • Organization charts.
  • Checklist : Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation.
  • Operating Manual.
  • Precommissioning Procedures.
  • Commissioning Procedures.
  • Safety procedures.
  • Quality control procedures.
  • Emergency response procedures.
  • Status progress reporting.
  • Test records.
  • Punch list template (construction department).
  • Approval criteria during relocations.

Commissioning Strategies.

  • Objective and scope of commissioning.
  • Statement and acceptance of strategy.
  • Alignement strategies.
  • Systematization of commissioning areas.
  • Commissioning sequences.
  • Mínimum criteria of acceptance for commissioning start-up.
  • Manpower (teams): precom, comm, operations, maintenance, contractors, task force, vendors, materials suppliers (clients), office staff.

Process Sytems Commissioning.

  • Crushing Systems Commissioning.
  • Grinding Systems Commissioning.
  • Flotation Systems Commissioning.
  • Filtration Systems Commissioning.
  • Pumping Systems Commissioning.
  • Stirred Tanks Commissioning.
  • Thickeners Commissioning.
  • Secondary Systems Commissioning.
  • Control Systems Commissioning.

Practical experiences in commissioning.

  • Key experiences and instructions on commissioning of some important concentrator plants in Peru and Mexico will be discussed.


Graduated from the University of San Agustin (Arequipa- 1996) with degree in administration in Catholic University of San Pablo (Arequipa -2007) and Quick MBA in Business School Gerent (Lima – 2014). With holistic leadership skills, teamwork, effective communication, project control according to the Deming cycle.

From 1997-99 he worked as metallurgist for Gold and silver Company (BVN) by 6 months as training, after he worked as hired in Tintaya mines (one year approx.), after he worked as hired for leaching of gold in Ares mines (4 month). From 1999 - 2011 he worked in Tintaya mines (BHP Billiton and Xstrata Copper) as permanent worker developing works of metallurgical research, process control, plant supervisor, and leader of specific projects such as the expansion of plant capacity, the implementation of gravity concentrators for gold, the increase in the grade of concentrate by insoluble reduction and plant automation project. He worked as senior metallurgist in Alumbrera mines in Argentina for 6 month focuses in SAG Mill operation. From 2011 – 17 he worked as Metallurgical Superintendent in Las Bambas Mines (Glencore – and MMG Companies), participating in the community workshops for approval of the EIA, reviewing the detailed engineering study in Santiago- Chile by 2 years in conjunction with the Bechtel company. Designated by the general management as technical leader to justify and receive approval of the construction about the concession of benefit by the MEM. Leader development and implementation of geometallurgical models with the support of international consultants such as D. Barrat, S. Morrel, J. Starkey, M. Morrison, R. Amenluxem, S. Saich, others. He has also participated in the commissioning and start-up (ramp-up) of the Antapaccay and Las Bambas Concentrator Plant. In 2018 worked in Mexico as a Concentrator Plant Manager at Aranzazu Mine of Aura Minerals company, in 2019 he worked as a Commissioning & Ramp-Up Leader in different projects: Minsur, Chinalco, Marcobre, Antamina, Lindero (in Argentina).

He is an exclusive instructor of InterMet, a leading company in mining training courses. He is chairman of the directive committee of the 1st International Conference of Geometallurgy, to be held in Lima, March 31 and April 1, 2022.



SEPTEMBER 6 - 11 , 2021


7:30PM  to  10:30PM  (Peruvian time)




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