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Finally, data control is super important, but we need tools to understand it.
Just as you are listening to something because you are filtering it, you are analyzing it and
you are taking words that become sentences, the data we have in the plant must be cleaned
from the noise, we must add context, and for that we need new tools. We have to integrate
this data that is scattered and we have to unify it with the events that are happening in the
plant to understand and model what is happening. You have to transform the data, you have
to shape the data to understand and calculate in detail, so that users and systems can use
it in a very practical way.

People change, the way we work changes, business systems change. There are a lot of
opportunities that are in the way we organize our people, we can now work remotely, the
technologies are there, but you have to adapt them to the people. People are not going to
just take the technology. People have to adapt, and we have to increase the visibility of
what we don't know. We have mines that are much more zealous and we have to adapt to
this reality that we have, the laws are much lower and we will probably have to change the
processes we are using. We also have to improve efficiency. I am sure you are all doing a
lot of these things, but you have to improve efficiency and productivity. People can't be
spending time analyzing spreadsheets, where nobody knows what's going on in a lot of
spreadsheets that they don't know how they were made. This has to be transparent and it
goes hand in hand with sustainability because we can save energy, water and maximize
plant production.


1. What are the secrets of digital transformation?
2. The four steps to maximize metal recovery in metallurgical complexes.
3. Let's also look today at dynamic decision support for operations using Predictive Analytics.
using Predictive Analytics.
And we're going to share a couple of examples of some companies that have been doing this
over the last five years.
this within the last five years.
5. To finally define some conclusions with you.

We will learn about the following aspects:

Item 1: Secrets of digital transformation

Item 2: Misalignment between business objectives and operations

Item 3: Drastic Energy and Water Costs Operating @Cu < 0,5%

Item 4: What is meant by integrated operation?

Item 5: Milling Flotation Recovery

Item 6: The digital transformation journey

Item 7: Seeq in the cloud

Item 8: 4 Steps to Success

Item 9: Process flow diagram for concentrator model

Item 10: The digital plant follows the money strategy.

Item 11: Access to mine management through the cloud

Item 12: Hidden losses at the mine due to ore variations

Item 13: 4 steps to success

Item 14: Collaborate across the organization

Item 15: Kroll Institute of Extractive Metallurgy

Item 16: Optimization of integrated copper recovery

Item 17: Predictive model for recovery of metals from raw materials

Item 18: Identification of plant processes for their optimization

Item 19: Preventing assets from slowing down

Item 20: The challenges of data in a global organization

osvaldo bascur










I work for OSB Digital and also work with Seeq as a consultant.
I just finished writing a book and it is published. Here I put many of my ideas and
concepts that I have worked on after 25 years with OSIsoft. Now I have dedicated
myself to work to help the people, the engineers that are in the plants, because I
realized that the main problem is that they are not using their talent with the
information and data that is available.
I have advised that they must have a data infrastructure and to work with the
people, change the process businesses because that is an opportunity that exists
in the digital transformation and, of course, work with the left side of the brain of
the plant, which is the control system, but we need the right side of the brain to be
able to understand what is happening and use the time with the data in the right
context. This way you can add information in a clear and concise way to the
management people so that the decision making can be done in a much more
effective way and so you can redefine the plant planning by having reliable data.

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